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Floralife Care

Floralife flower food is supplied in handy sachets, which means you can pop one in to each bouquet or arrangement you produce or have in your home. Your flowers will then stay long lasting and healthy. As with all flower foods, the Floralife sachets is stocked as part of our floristry supplies range. Foods contain ingredients that help lower the PH of the vase water. They also nourish and hydrate flowers, and keep the flower stems free flowing. Leafshine is available in two handy sized cans.

Flower Foods

Floralife Bucket Cleaner 2 Litre Container
Floralife Flower Food Sachets
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Water Sprayer 600ml


250ml Floralife Leafshine Can
750ml Floralife Leafshine Can
Floralife Bucket Cleaner 2 Litre Container
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