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Tapes, Adhesives & Glues

The best prepared florists keep a wide range of floristry supplies to hand - and amongst that collection of essentials, a generous assortment of good quality, water resistant florist tape and florist glue is essential. Our selection of florist tape and florist glue is second to none and made up primarily of Oasis floristry accessories products. We stock a wide range of Oasis floral supplies and are confident that you'll find the floral tapes and glues easy to work with, of a high quality and long lasting. We offer four types of floral adhesives and glues plus a glue gun for precision work. We also stock the indispensable Oasis Fix, a sticky tack roll well suited to securing pin holders and similar to bases. For securing fresh flowers to foam, there's Oasis Floral adhesive, a premium floral glue suitable for use on even the most delicate of fresh flowers. It can also be used to secure flowers to surfaces other than foam, including ceramics and plastic.


Floral Adhesive Glue 50ml Tube
Adhesive Fix Tack 5 Metre Roll
Adhesive Mini Fix Tack 1 Metre Roll


Floral Adhesive Glue 50ml Tube
High Melt Floristry Glue Gun
High Melt Glue Sticks 1kg Pack


Moss Green Stemtex Paper Stem Tape
from £0.99
12mm Pot Tape Olive Green Roll
12mm Wide Anchor Tape 50 Metre Long Roll
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